A list of frequently asked questions from our fans...

Was she hurt?

This most important question should be answered first. No. The only thing hurt was her pride.

What happened after the video stopped?

<<Coming soon>>

Why did you post this video?

We placed this video on YouTube over a year ago, on March 09, 2009, to share with a few friends and family. We had no idea it would become this popular.

Did you post this video to make money?

No. (See above.) However, we are taking this once in a lifetime opportunity to give our kids a jumpstart on their college education. You get to smile and laugh, and we get to start saving for college. We'll be proud parents when they graduate one day!

How are you saving the money?

We plan to open a 529 College Savings Plan. Do you have other savings suggestions? Your feedback is welcome.

Where / who are you?

Unfortunately, there are too many evil people in the world to allow us to answer this question. We must protect the privacy and safety of our children. But feel free to contact us at youforgotblueberries@gmail.com

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